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Harshit Saxena teams up with Sameer Anjaan to fight against child abuse

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Music director and singer, Harshit Saxena, who is renowned for his versality in Bollywood, has taken to YouTube to express his shock regarding the Kathua rape case, which happened in in January 2018.

He shares, “This is not just the song but the anthem on child assault to fight against this epidemic of child abuse in our nation. There is no doubt to say rape is such a heinous and brutal act, which not only attack the body but the mind and soul too. We, as a nation should stand together and fight against this violence. I was shocked with the Asifa incident. In fact, I felt pretty bad and decided to convey my message to society.”

The singer then decided to collaborate with renowned lyricist Sameer Anjaan, who has put his thoughts and feelings into words of rising tide of rapes and sexual assaults across the country. The famous wordsmith is a father of two daughters.

Harshit further elaborates, “The phrase “Main Aap Sabki Asifa” is to crystallize the rage amongst the nation and to enlighten the society that it was not just about Asifa, it is not about a Muslim girl or Hindu girl, not about schedule caste or general girl but it is about every daughter of our nation, who has been a victim to such brutality.

It is to ignite the masses if this can happen with Asifa, it can happen with your daughter too. We should fight as one against such predators and make our country free from such horrifying and brutal act of devastation of a girl child or any women of our society irrespective of her caste or religion, colour, or status.

Songs like this resonate all too widely. This may act as a real trigger for an emotional response from the audience. It has potential to transform the way the nation might think about the rape. This is now the time to get rid of this plague persisting in the country.”

The tunes of Harshit Saxena were last heard in Indra Kumar’s ‘Super Nani’. He has already composed three songs for ‘Hotel Milan’ and has bagged two other projects as a solo composer.

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