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“If you send a message from the heart, it will reach people” – Harshit Saxena

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Harshit Saxena, best known for delivering the super-hit “Hale Dil” from ‘Murder 2’ (2011) has been composing full-swing after venturing into music direction. Runner up of reality shows like Voice Of India 2007, Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar 2008 and Music Ka Maha Muqabla 2010, Harshit composed songs in ‘Hate Story’ (2012), ‘Super Nani’ (2014), ‘Hotel Milan’ (2018) and ‘Sab Kushal Mangal’ (2020). Apart from shows, Harshit is a very dedicated fitness enthusiast and follows a strict diet. During this pandemic, the singer-composer teamed up with veteran lyricist, Sameer Anjaan, for “Bas Kuch Dino Ki Baat Hai”. The track which was finished in about 15 days, was conceptualized with view to encourage patience and breed hope. In this interview, the down-to-earth singer explains how he sang the song emotionally, the reasons behind producing it and much more.

On hearing this song, one can feel that it has a lot of pathos in it. How did you naturally express this in your singing?
As you are aware, many situations happened in India such as people had to walk long distances, pregnant women and those who really felt bored at home and wanted to go out, etc. When I was seeing all these situations and more importantly for our doctors and policemen, nurses, cleaning staff who are working so hard for the country, I felt I could compose a song where they will be a message and which could also inspire people and our corona warriors. It also extends to those who are suffering from hunger and walking long distances. This is how I described it to Sameer Ji and this is basically how he started to write this song. And when I sang the song, this is why you felt this feeling because I have kept the same feelings. Generally, my songs are quite high-pitched and different but this one, I have kept it at a low pitch mostly and sang with a lot of calmness. There is a bit of silence intentionally.

You are a terrific singer when it comes to expressing echoes from the heart, “Hale Dil” from ‘Murder 2’ (2011) being a clear case in point. Do you totally agree that it is one of your forte as an artist?
Absolutely. If you give me a choice, my first preference will be a romantic song because every singer has a natural ability. I won’t say that I am a stereotyped singer as I can sing any types of songs, but I have always felt that if you want to sustain in the long term, you should be able to sing any kinds of songs, whether you are a music director or singer. But obviously, whenever I receive a romantic song, it will be my first choice. As an artist, I really enjoy singing romantic songs and I can really express romantic lyrics. I would say that “Hale Dil” is my identity. I started with reality shows and many people recall me from the Voice of India, but numerous people recognize me from “Hale Dil”. It is definitely my hardcore forte.

Did you immediately agree to the wordings by Sameer Anjaan or were there some inputs added by you?
I did not add any new inputs and the full credit goes to Sameer Ji. I composed the song the way Sameer Ji wrote it. After receiving the lyrics, within two minutes, I composed a tune, while I was still reading it. I was sitting on my sofa and was watching the lyrics and very quickly, the tune came to my mind and I felt that this should be the tune for this song because it was written with simplicity. I felt that this song should be like a prayer. Suddenly, I called Sameer Ji and made him listen to it. He happily approved it and without any delay, my assistant Rohan [Malode] (who gave me a lot of support) and I, worked on it in my home studio [Harshit Saxena Studioz]. So, it was created in very little time.

What is the meaning of patience to you? Do you consider yourself to be a patient person? Give me a direct example.
Yes, I consider myself to be a patient person because I am a very satisfied person. In my view, patience is something that can make one receive or lose a lot. For example, after “Hale Dil”, my second movie was ‘Hate Story’ (2012), and then it was ‘Super Nani’ (2014) and after that, I have just been very patient for a long time. I never really went into what this singer has done or how much this person has worked. I am a very satisfied person. For everything that I have done, I have been very patient. And for any artist, patience is the key to success. I am happy with whatever I have received. I do not run from what I have not received and I believe that through my hard work, I will obtain it. In the event I don’t receive it, I won’t become mad or something like that.

When I listened to the song, I instinctively missed a female voice. Would a duet been a better idea?
We never thought to make it into a duet and we even did not think about it. As such, there is no female singer in my mind. In many songs during this pandemic, many actors, playback singers and singers were included. We just wanted to give a message and there was no need to include so many voices. If you send a message from the heart, it will reach people.

Strictly in your view, how is this track different from other compositions, churned out there during this pandemic?
This is a different song. Obviously, many artists and singers have made different types of songs. In our song, we did not try to make a song which is too enthusiastic. We did a very simple song like a prayer and there is a lot of peace in it and there are only light elements. It is mostly a voice-oriented song. Our message is written with such simplicity so that people can understand it. I also sang it simply. It is basically a simple composition with simple lyrics. To describe the song in one word, it is patience.

Tell me five life lessons you have learned while being at home in lockdown.
The first one and the most important one is to spend and enjoy time with your family. Secondly, allow sufficient time for oneself. You can plan a lot of things. Thirdly, it may sound a bit funny but I am very diet conscious and I have eaten and slept well. It is quite rare for me to sleep eight hours in full but now I am able to do this. When you start to fear, you become closer. During this pandemic, people are not allowed to meet in person and therefore, people call and message more often and this brings humanity together. Apart from that, I have watched all genres of very nice movies and more importantly, I watched a lot of mythological serials on YouTube.

What more could have been done by the Government of India to help poor people in this crisis?
I am no one to answer this. I purely trust my government and our Prime Minister. He always thinks for our own good and I fully trust the Government of India. I would like to say that whatever steps the Government of India has taken, they have been for the best. The poor people who have been very affected by this pandemic will rise up and they should all be a little more patient. Like I have said in my song, “Bas Kuch Dino Ki Baat Hai”.

This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

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