Guess what is Gurdas Maan searching for?


The legendary singer Gurdas Maan has taken to social media and has been engaging with his fans all over the world in search of a gift box. There are several messages from him on all his social media pages urging his fans and followers to help him find a box by 9th of February. 
These messages have created quite a stir  among his fans. The activity is expected to be a build up to something big that he’s planning to come up with.
From being used to the old school style of fan engagement to now doing so via social media, Maan saab, as he is respectfully referred to as, has been engaging with them to share their enthusiasm on his upcoming project, helping him connect with his young audience all over the world. The enthusiasm is of course multi-fold on this new mysterious upcoming project and the response from fans has been overwhelming.
Just like the perfectionist Aamir Khan, who likes to keep a gap between his two master pieces – last being a gap of two years between ‘PK’ and ‘Dangal’, it’s safe to say that Gurdas Maan too is set to come up with something massive for sure after a gap of two years. After all – Legends do think alike right?


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