Golmaal Again Music Review

Rohit Shetty’s films have never really known for their music but a couple of them (‘Zameen’, ‘Golmaal – Fun Unlimited’, ‘Sunday’, ‘Dilwale’) had boasted of decent to good music. Barring the first part, none of the films in the Golmaal franchise has had a good album. ‘Golmaal Again!!!’, the fourth film in the franchise and Shetty’s twelfth film as a director, has just about four songs but as many as four composers (Amaal Mallik, Thaman S., Lijo George – DJ Chetas) credited with providing the music for the film. Kumar writes all the songs.

S. Thaman, who has several hit songs to his credit down South, merges a carnival like sound with a distinctive South Indian texture in “Golmaal Title Track” and presents us with a track that is mildly engaging, largely because of the arrangements and a fairly catchy hook-line. Since the song (or at least a part of it) is expected to be played at several junctures in the film, it is bound to grow on the audience while watching the film. As a standalone audio track, it does not have much of a substance. Even the lyrics (Kumaar) fail to excite.

Though Amaal has a couple of successful ‘recreations’ (“Tere Bin Kahin Lage Na” – ‘Ek Paheli Leela’, “Soch Na Sake” – ‘Airlift’, “Gulabi Aankhein 2.0” – ‘Noor’) to his credit, this is the first time he has recreated a song originally composed by uncle Anu Malik. In a recent interview, Amaal had stated that whenever he is asked to recreate an old hit number, he just borrows twenty percent of the original melody and gives it a new shape. He seems to have done that quite successfully here as “Maine Tujhko Dekha” sounds very fresh despite being derived from a song from a ’90s song that is still fresh in one’s memory. The hook-line (“Neend Churayi Meri”) blends in seamlessly with the original tune created by Amaal.

A bland tune set against the backdrop of a standard EDM based orchestral structure, this is how one could best describe “Itna Sannata Kyun Hai”. Composers Lijo George and DJ Chetas manage to give one an impression of the track being filmed in a club or a concert-like setting. The vibe is just right and the song might resonate well with the situation is will be played in the film. But, as a listener you would not want to put yourself through this forgettable composition after a hearing. Amit Mishra and Aditi Singh Sharma try their best to salvage the song by their spirited rendition but nothing seems enough to uplift this song which should not have made its way into the album in the first place.

The EDM sound is also heard in “Hum Nahin Sudhrenge”, Amaal Mallik’s second offering to the album. Armaan Malik tries his best to encapsulate the spirit of the Golmaal gang, even as Amaal’s tune and Kumaar’s lyrics give you no reason to cheer about. The track sounds interesting initially what with the breezy vibe emanating from the background making you hopeful about it offering some respite in an otherwise middling soundtrack. Sadly, that is not the case as it turns out to the third track in the album which disappoints you as a listener.

Rohit Shetty was never known for having an ear for good music. But, as stated earlier, a couple of his films have had good music. While one was not expecting the moon from the ‘Golmaal Again!!!’ soundtrack, with names like Amaal Mallik and Thaman. S attached to it, one was expecting at least a few tuneful songs in the offering. ‘Golmaal Again!!!’ has, perhaps, the worst soundtrack for a Rohit Shetty directed film till date.

Rating: 1.5/5

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