Fantastic response to Bajirao Mastani teaser!


Even before its release, the ‘Bajirao Mastani’ teaser has wooed film critics and trade analysts alike across cyber space! Amongst those who have seen this much anticipated trailer, the versatile Ranveer Singh playing the Maratha royal ‘Bajirao’.

Over the past months, Ranveer Singh has given all that he’s got to play this role of a lifetime; he moved away from home and even bought an apartment closer to the sets so that he could stay focused at all times. He also shaved his head and underwent meticulous physical preparation. To keep his hairstyle (or non hairstyle) under wraps, Ranveer has sported many different hats, literally, while appearing in public!

From a regular baseball cap, to beanies, to a bowler hat, to a funky beefeater, Ranveer has turned his new bald style to a fashion advantage! The energetic, committed star has also battled a major injury to play Bajirao to the best of his abilities.

And from the feedback that film critics and trade critics have given so far, looks like Ranveer’s efforts are all set to pay off!

With praise and admiration flowing in naturally for Ranveer, this trailer will reinstate the fact that he is one of the most versatile and popular Bollywood stars of present times!










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