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Experimental Bengali mini web series It’s Complicated released directly on YouTube

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Shooting without a proper script? Yes, the actors were only given a brief and this is how ‘It’s Complicated’ was conceived. Directed by Debanjan Majhi, it stars Titas Bhowmik, Rahul Dev Bose, Roosha Chatterjee and Aryan D Roy. The story revolves around two male friends who are meeting after 8 years. They both introduce their partners to each other and go through how they all met years back. It focuses a lot on relationships, feelings and emotions. The series is aired on CineShorts Premiere YouTube channel which is an Indie Short Film Distribution platform showcasing work of independent short Filmmakers.

This experimental Bengali mini web series comprising of 3 episodes, was released directly on YouTube on 7 July, 2020. Produced By Innokrea Motion Pictures and Neverlan Production, it is shot in a small house and the whole proceedings happen at the same location. One of the highlights is that it is very realistic as each actor appears as natural as possible.

Aryan D Roy as Sohail steals the show with an impressive performance expressing his anger and confusion. As the host, he tries his best to welcome Rahul Dev Bose (Vivek) and his wife, Titas Bhowmik (Anmol), who looks mysterious and does not have many lines but still portrays her character well. Roosha Chatterjee as Pari is bubbly and lively. Rahul Dev Bose as Vivek is functional as his character demands it.

Music by Aakash Ghosal is adaquate but nothing spectacular. Styling by Ingela Biswas is satisfactory. The shots overlap with each other as it tries to show the behind-the-scenes footage at the same time and they give it a better feeling of being realistic. At some places, the sound is too low and it may affect the experience. The revelation is quite strong and one would not expect this in a mini web series.

Overall the story moves at the right pace and what unfolds justifies the title. The climax could have been more engaging but it leaves the audience wanting for more. ‘It’s Complicated’ is a new experiment and obviously, it has parts where it could have been polished. Watch it for the acting performances, especially that of Aryan D Roy.

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