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“Bollywood is a difficult place when one has no Godfather” – Teeshay Shah


Teeshay Shah talks about his Bollywood debut movie, “The Perfect Girl”.

How are you feeling about your debut Bollywood movie?
It feels awesome. Bollywood is a difficult place when one has no Godfather or sources. So when you actually get a film in the lead purely through auditions, it feels rewarding.

Can you share about your role in the movie?
I will be seen in the character of Jay. Jay is very interesting person. People will see him at different ages. Unlike an ordinary man, young Jay is very free spirit, jovial, easily approachable and lovable. With time he becomes boring, mature and more responsible. I loved playing both shades as they have different personalities, body languages and the way he thinks at different ages in interesting.

From TV to Bollywood! What would be more difficult?
Film is a difficult medium to an extent because a lot is riding on you, the competition is even more fierce and one opportunity is all that you get if you are lucky. If you fail, then it’s tough to get a second chance. So yes, the stakes are huge.

What’s next in the pipeline?
I am currently hosting Planet Bollywood on Zoom. I am also talking to a couple of directors for their respective films. Hopefully, my debut movie goes on to being a hit and make my life little bit more easier.

How do you feel your life has been changing for the past few years?
Whatever be the medium, TV or movie, I see myself always doing that kind of work which is satisfying for me as an actor and creatively enriching too. Rest I feel, God is great.

Tell us about your experience with the team you have shot your debut movie “The Perfect Girl”.
It’s been great. We all started with a clean slate. There was no baggage. It was a young passionate unit and we enjoyed giving our best for each others’ too.


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