Bharat should have been named Bauji!

Once you come out of Salman Khan’s latest movie ‘Bharat’ you might end up thinking the movie’s name is ‘Bauji’ (Father). This movie was about a son’s commitment to his father that he will take care of the family. In the end, it turns out to be a unbearable pain for those who dared to ventured into the theatre.

Traditionally we are told that Salman Khan’s fans don’t care about the storyline and this has to be true because beyond the morning show, if such a movie gets even one audience walking in for the next show, then it has to be the phenomenal convincing power of the star status that Salman has. If I was the hero in this kind of a dud, I would by now be an iconic YouTube joke.

The movie has no screenplay or story it appears that everyday the producers, director and stars of the movie would assemble in the morning and they would draw a lottery and who ever won it, would be asked to write the story for the shoot of the day. The disjointed story telling of the movie has no other logical explanation.

Therefore you see the hero sometimes in a circus, the next moment in Saudi Arabia and then on an ocean cargo ship and then in an old Delhi ‘kirana’ (grocery) store. The movie shifts from protecting a ‘kirana’ store to an unfulfilled love story to lost families emotions and reaches nowhere really.

The casting director deserves a special kudos for hiring Sonali Kulkarni as Salman Khan’s and Tabu’s mother. Both are at least five years older than Sonali on average and looks wisely much older. Then you got to think this is a group of friends making a time pass movie, so the mode of casting was more like ‘Ae chal tu mummy, ae chal tu didi’ (Hey you play mummy, hey you play sister), I guess.

The movie has Salman ranting ‘Bauji Bauji Bauji’ so many times that you actually wonder why wasn’t this movie named ‘Bauji’? In any case you are giving credit that this movie is based on ‘An Ode To My Father’ (2014), so ‘Bauji’ would have been a far more apt title.

The movie ends after a long drawn one of the most painful 165 minutes of your life and you are left wondering what exactly was the point of this movie?
If you don’t believe in God’s miracle, then do read about its first day collection in media. Staying home would have been an even better choice than watching this unendurable movie.

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