Baby Music Review

Neeraj Pandey’s directorial debut A Wednesday did not have any songs in it but that did not stop the makers from releasing an album with as many as six songs. Special 26 had some good songs by M.M. Kreem and Himesh Reshammiya (guest composer) but all the songs did not make their way in to the film. Baby, a thriller, is touted to be the first Akshay Kumar’s movie that will have no song in it. The album does have two songs. One feels that T-Series, one of the production companies associated with the film, must have coaxed Neeraj Pandey in to using these two songs for promotional purposes.

“Beparwah” is the theme song of Baby that reflects the intrepid attitude of the characters in the film. The song starts off interestingly with some Middle Eastern sounds, promising the listeners of a brilliant tune that is about to follow. The song, however, turns out to be a fairly predictable one with a familiar tune. It does succeed in establishing a tense, dark atmosphere and the video, that features actress Esha Gupta, should make for a compelling watch. Apeksha Dandekar does a good job as a vocalist and Manoj Muntashir’s lyrics go down well with the nature of the song. The remixed version “Beparwah – MBA Swag” ruins the impact created by the original. The remix completely goes against the mood of the song. Meet Bros Anjjan should have been careful and remixed it in a way that the additional beats would have accentuated the feel of the song.

M.M. Kreem, one of the top composers down South, does not do a lot of work in Hindi films. Thus, it gives a listener immense happiness to see the veteran composer’s name being credited on the sleeves of a Hindi film album. “Main Tujhse Pyaar Nahin Karta”, Kreem’s sole composition for the album, is a romantic number that captures the pathos of the relationship shared by Ajay (Akshay Kumar) and his wife (Madhurima Tuli). The song takes some time to grow but hear it for a couple of times and you will begin to appreciate its beauty. Manoj Muntashir deserves special mention for writing some simple yet novel phrases. M.M. Kreem is known for extensive use of violins in his compositions. He uses violins in this song brilliantly to create a somber mood. The female version “Main Tujhse Pyaar Nahin Karti” has been sung by Ramya Behara, a recognized name down South. Ramya’s soft voice works very well for the song. Her diction is not perfect but will do.

Baby is a decent soundtrack with two songs that will help the makers promote the film. Meet Bros Anjjan deliver an above average tune in the form of “Beparwah” but falter with its remixed version. M.M. Kreem lives up to the expectations one had from him. Music fans hope to hear more of his music in Hindi films.

Rating: 2.5/5

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