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Attack Movie Review

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If you haven’t played PUBG or any other games as such, this movie is for you. ‘Attack’ takes you straight into the world of gaming, an artificial intelligence-controlled world with massive emotional ups and downs. The Hindi Film industry has given us ‘Robot’ (2010) earlier that has a somewhat similar thought but this story or character development is completely new and refreshing.

The first half of the movie is extremely emotional. An Indian army officer has been paralyzed down his neck with zero chances of revival. Not only that he has also lost the love of his life in a sudden terrorist attack. The first half sets the plot of the movie where one gets to see the heroic combat mode of the protagonist as well as the mushy loving side with slide romance too.

John Abraham plays the role of Arjun Shergill who is paired with Jacqueline Fernandez. Arjun is a great Soldier but after the paralysis, he is stuck at his home. As a soldier who has nothing to lose, he is approached for a new scientific program involving artificial intelligence to create a Super Soldier who can not only stand on his feet but fight and win a battle alone.

Prakash Raj and Rakul Preet Singh are also seen in pivotal roles who have made the entire technology possible. The freshness of the movie appears as we see a terrorist group attacking the parliament and Arjun single-handedly takes them down.

The negotiations with the terrorist are also very neat and the anti Hero deserves applause for his wonderful performance and amazing dialect. The movie is nothing like a typical patriotic film and yet it stirs emotions with an effortless screenplay. The VFX and the visual effects that the film showcases with the action choreography in sync with that of a combat game is a pleasure to watch.

The movie is engaging right from the beginning and can be watched with family multiple times. After a long time, a movie has hit the screens that have such a fresh storyline.

‘Attack’ is currently streaming on Zee5.

Rating:- 3/5

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