Anushka Ranjan learns Mixed Martial Arts

Photo Credit: Supplied

Anushka Ranjan, who made her acting debut with Wedding Pullav last year, is a fitness enthusiast. Besides following a rigorous fitness regime, she has been learning Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), which is like a full-contact combat sport that allows the use of both striking and grappling techniques.

Anushka says, “I have just started learning MMA two months ago. I feel it is an added advantage as not every actress in Hindi cinema gets to do action on screen.”

Considering Anushka’s tall frame and fierce look, there are several offers for action-oriented roles but the actress refused to divulge any details. “An actor should always be prepared to play variety of roles and learning MMA will always benefit, also for my personal growth and I’ve already started seeing results”, she adds.

“MMA is helpful not only as a talent but also keeps you fit and flexible and makes you more disciplined”, adds Anushka, who seems to be inspired by the young heartthrob and fitness icon, Tiger Shroff.   “I like the action that Tiger does. I know to be able to do that I will need a lot of practice and time but I would like to be able to do stunts like that,” says Anushka.

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