Actress Mindy Kaling finds it hard to make female friends in Hollywood!


The latest animation rising star top Hollywood comedian and Indian American actress Mindy Kaling whose new film ‘Inside Out’ received a standing ovation at Cannes leaving everyone teary eyed, finds it hard to make female friends!

The top billed standup comic actress who portrays the voice of ‘Disgust’ in the emotional family film, says it’s very hard to find female friends in Hollywood!!

“In L.A., the only people you meet are women in your spin class. And you have to wonder, if a woman seeks you out at spin class, you wonder what the motivations are! But you’re so desperate for friends. It’s much harder to find someone you want to talk to than a man you want to sleep with. The only thing I want to do in the next five years is make a good friend,” Kaling added!

Catch the super talented actress as she charms with her voice in ‘Inside Out’!


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