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William Shatner is going to space with Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Rocket

Photo Credit: Instagram

The ‘Star Trek’ (1966) movie actor William Shatner is going to join the crew members of the next space mission with the Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin Rocket. Shatner is the oldest person to be launched into space.

Shatner has previously expressed his interest to travel to space before. Last year he tweeted a photoshopped picture of himself in a space suit and wrote, “BTW @NASA – just in case; the suit does fit. #LanuchAmerica #AstroBill.”

William Shatner is all set to break the record of the oldest person to visit space after Wally Funk, who was 82 years old, when she joined the first Blue Origin’s launch. Before Funk, the record was broken by John Glenn, who was 72 years old to be on space and he was the first American to orbit the Earth.

In this space journey with Shatner, there will be three more people to join him, but their names have not been revealed yet.

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