Why most Bigg Boss contestants fail to make it big?


Bigg Boss is India’s number one reality show. It’s even hosted by one of the country’s biggest superstars – Salman Khan. However, once the show is over, most of its contestants, including winners, return to the same position in their career. Unable to encash on the hype the show gives them, they fail to make it big. 
Some of them make a huge scandalous and controversial impression on the show, but still go back to square one in a few months after the season ends. They fail to make a powerful long-term impact. So what is it that goes wrong? Bollywood PR guru Dale Bhagwagar who has handled the media for the maximum contestants on the show analyses the situation as “a lack of understanding about consistent PR.”
“Most of the Bigg Boss contestants from Season 1 to Season 10, who haven’t understood the importance of planned PR, have faced this dilemma. The strange thing is, every season, the new ones repeat the same mistakes,” he remarks.
The celebrity publicist knows what he is talking about. After all, he has successfully maneuvered the media for a full 20 names who have been on the show. “Nowadays, it’s not so difficult to get on TV. If one is messed up in life, or is a gay, lesbian, transgender or foreigner, has some irritating traits, a public squabble, a wardrobe malfunction, or a stagnant career, the person can be a top reality television star,” he points out.
Dale says, “The irony is that many who get this best and once-in-a-lifetime chance to be seen daily on national television, squander their career prospects. They don’t take full advantage of the opportunity through media support and back-up.” The PR specialist feels that this is one of the main reasons why, after the instant humongous national publicity and fame, most contestants soon fade back into oblivion, once again struggling to get noticed.


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