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Vikrant Massey steals the show in Haseen Dillruba

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Vikrant Massey has become the talk of the town ever since ‘Haseen Dillruba’ hit Netflix. The actor has walked away with all the praise. The film has been written by Kanika Dhillon and is coming from the stable of Aanand L Rai’s Colour Yellow Productions that is known for its great content and its great lineup of actors.

Vikrant Massey has been a darling of the film industry and critics, and he has consistently been giving fab performances one after the other. With ‘Haseen Dillruba’ he wins the applause once again.

Aaj Tak writes, “Vikrant Massey has once again given proof of his nuanced acting. From being a simple man to turning into an obsessive lover boy, Vikrant has wonderfully played the character with twists and turns.”

Sushri Sahu from Mashable writes, “I am definitely starting a Vikrant Massey fan club. It should be criminal to be so good.”

“Vikrant’s personality undergoes a dramatic flip and it is to the credit of Vikrant, who is so cooly evocative as he effortlessly settles into the changing pace. Vikrant is in top form ensuring we quite willingly get sucked into this pulpy universe,” writes The Quint.

Mashable India writes, “Vikrant Massey will keep you guessing till the end in this thriller mystery.”

“Vikrant is aptly cast as the mild-mannered yet assertive Rishu, who talks less, but says a lot through his eyes,” writes Times Of India.

NDTV writes, “Taapsee Pannu shines in the pivotal role, but it is Vikrant Massey who steals the show.”

“Vikrant Massey as a dutiful husband is outstanding. He is his wife’s little lamb who turns into a man-eating lion when pushed to the wall. With a twitch of his mouth and a flicker of an eye, Massey makes Rishu a nice reliable man who can transform into a creature of caprice,” writes SpotboyE.

It has been really long that a young actor of this generation has got so much praise from critics and audiences alike. Vikrant Massey is slowly turning to be the flavour of the year.

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