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#(Un)Filtered Love is a short which explores social media addiction openly

Photo Credit: YouTube

Social media addicts are aplenty among us but what happens when it starts to affect relationships. How to spot a social media addict? Director Prankur Chaturvedi got the concept to evoke the story of a couple, Aditya and Shefali, who have spent seven years together but their meaning of love differs significantly from each other. How? Well, social media is the clear answer.

‘#(Un)Filtered Love’ is a poignant love story of 18 minutes which shows two couple meeting for an important rendez-vous. Realism hits the roof where Aditya, played by Pratik Rajen Kothari explains what is a real connection whereas Shefali, portrayed by Pooja Singh, understands something different due to her addiction to social media.

Prankur Chaturvedi’s story is about couples of today’s times who do not understand the use of social media and fail to capture the consequences it had, has and may have on their current relationship as sadly, love cannot be measured by the number of likes. Pratik Rajen Kothari expresses the frustrated boyfriend to the T while Pooja Singh shines in most parts.

While the story puts more emphasis on the dialogues, which logically explain the effects of constantly being on social media while forgetting the essence of living in the now, it does not move too much beyond that, except for the climax. Music by Sunjoy Bose is a good addition and “Lamhe” gels well with the proceedings. Sung by Urbashi Bhaduri, it comes at the right time. Background score by Pramit Sarkar is adequate.

With crisp editing, ‘#(Un)Filtered Love’ is a good attempt at exploring a common theme faced by many of us today, however there is a general hypocrisy to openly discuss about it in society.

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