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Twinkle Khanna’s Tip Tip Barsa anger on patriarchy

Photo Credit: Instagram

Twinkle Khanna posted a blog on Times of India’s opinion column about the stigmas related to marriage and beauty standards. She pointed out how Malala and Adele were called out for their personal choices. She titled her blog “Tip Tip and reaching the tipping point with Adele and Malala” and shared the link on her Twitter handle.

She pointed out how Adele losing her weight is a more discussed topic than her recent album. Quoting Adele’s interview she mentioned how body-shaming is deep-rooted in our society that no one can hardly look beyond it especially when it comes to a woman. Her blog is about the fact that ageism, sexism, feminism is used as tools to overlook a woman’s capability.

She mentioned Nykaa founder Falguni Nayar too and her story of dealing with patriarchy and the stereotyped questions. Marriages of celebs and their decisions of living it are often questioned by everyone. So in this context, she wrote, “Marriages are not a public limited company where you are selling shares and need to give investors their money back. But they still seem to be everybody’s businesses, instead of just yours”. The feminist writer also wrote about Malala’s decision of getting married is talked about and trolled because earlier she didn’t want to.

In the Twitter post, she posted images of a few excerpts from her blog. She also talked about how her husband Akshay Kumar’s performance with Katrina on the iconic “Tip Tip Barsa Pani” was called out because of the age gap between the two. She also mentioned the fact that more often than not such stereotypical comments come from other women.



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