Tubelight’s The Radio Song has a touch of the 60s!


The actor will be launching the first song of ‘Tubelight’ in Dubai on 16 May amidst much fanfare! With just one day to go, Dubai is prepping themselves to be lit up with the actor’s charm. Director Kabir Khan went the extra mile to shoot The “Radio” song.

After shooting amid beautiful natural locations in North India, Kabir wanted to shoot “Radio” in a town square typical to those in the 1960’s. The team went on a recce in and around to find a town which was untouched by modernisation. Since they were unable to find an apt location, he decided to construct it in Mumbai itself. Kabir was adamant on the set looking authentic right to the minute details, hence the team converted three acres of Film City into the fictional town Jagatpura. The “Radio” song was shot there with over a 1000 dancers. The track which is a celebratory song in the film had been shot on a very large scale. It has the touch of the 60’s and required a huge crowd to be dancing on it. Kabir had organised for 200 dancers and about 800 juniors to be part of the song along with Salman Khan.

First a fan screening in India now a mega gala in Dubai, Salman Khan truly knows how to gratify his fans all across the world.


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