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Tribhanga Quick Movie Review

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‘Tribhanga’, directed by Renuka Shahane, is an interesting tale of three generation of women in a family. But as the film progresses, it becomes clear that there’s nothing normal about them and their circumstances, life choices, beliefs, etc. The film begins at an interesting juncture and from here on, the flashback and present-day sequences intercut and form an interesting narrative. Till the first half, the film doesn’t give any reason to complain. But in the second half, it falters. A few developments are sudden and are not explained well. The film is just 95 minutes and the makers had the liberty of investing a few more minutes into explaining certain plot points. The climax is sweet but one expected it to be a bit more effective. Speaking of performances, everyone does well but it’s a Kajol show all the way. As a free-spirited person mouthing expletives every other second, her character is interesting and it’s good to see her playing such a part. Tanvi Azmi is so good and it’s great how she underplays, especially in confrontational sequences. Mithila Parkar is apt for the role and gets her share of memorable scenes in the second half. Kunaal Roy Kapur is hilarious initially but later wins hearts. Vaibhav Tatwawaadi shines in the scene when Kunaal interviews him. Manav Gohil is endearing. Kanwaljeet Singh, Harsha Gupte and others do well. All in all, ‘Tribhanga’ is a one-time watch due to the performances and unusual storyline.

Rating: 3/5


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