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Three years of Kedarnath: Here’s three reasons why the film remains audiences’ favourite

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Director Abhishek Kapoor took on his stride to bring one of the most ambitious projects alive on celluloid with ‘Kedarnath’ (2018). The film played with many layers, from an inter-faith romance, a commentary on commercialisation, and the climactic floods of 2013. Owing to the director’s stitched drama, the film to date remains one of the most loved projects in the industry.

As ‘Kedarnath’ completes three years of the release today, here’s rounding up three reasons why it is counted amongst the fans’ all-time favourite films.

Unconventional love story

With ‘Kedarnath’, Abhishek Kapoor talked about the inter-faith love story with utmost sensitivity and care. While the chosen subject was tricky, the director handled it delicately. The same resonated with many across the nation.

Inspired by true events

The floods of 2013 shook the entire nation and devastated the civilisation of Uttarakhand. The memory of the calamity is still fresh in the audiences’ minds. Abhishek Kapoor beautifully captured the essence and presented it to the world, tapping into their past emotions.

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Impactful sequences

Making the audience feel the intensity and gravity of the floods through a few scenes was a challenging task. But, Abhishek Kapoor brilliantly clubbed the real location scenes with CGI to develop scenes that had an everlasting impact on the viewers. Apart from that, the film captured some of the most stunning visuals of the city.

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