The truth about Priyank Sharma’s behaviour in Bigg Boss 11


Priyank Sharma is is the news for all the wrong reasons, courtesy his behaviour on the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 11’. After doing two popular reality shows, the young actor participated in ‘Bigg Boss 11’. His appearance on the show which did not go down so well with his fans as they witnessed a lot of hatred and bullying from Priyank toward others on the show.

We had an opportunity to speak to someone from Viacom who gave us his views on this shared few things that the audience should know. Keeping his identity intact he did share that the contestants are on the camera twenty-four hours a day and the audience just gets to see an hour of it. Each episode is edited after a lot of discussion, so the inevitable question that arises is that whether all that you get to see is true. Now what you see on your television screens is true and yet not the actual truth. It is just a portion of the footage chosen by the network to get people to watch the show. So one wonders is Priyank Sharma really a bad boy is it something that has been projected to us?


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