The Transporter Refueled Movie Review

The Transporter franchise is not among the lesser known ones, because all three movies of the series were successful and with Jason Statham in the lead, they have managed to be the action thriller franchise which could set the bar high. The audience has identified this franchise as well as its protagonist as something related to Jason Statham, and he is the one name that comes to everyone’s mind when there is any mention of this series. But this one comes up with Ed Skrein in the lead as the new Transporter, and so there is the question of being successful in catching the interest of the fans. It has been quite a big doubt.

Somewhere in France, a former soldier who is working as a Transporter with his own rules gets in trouble as he is caught between four women looking for revenge and a mafia boss who had ruined the women’s lives. Frank Martin (Ed Skrein) thought that this was going to be just another job as the Transporter, but it was never going to be. With his father Frank Martin Sr. (Ray Stevenson) kidnapped, and both girls with the guns and the criminals all around him, he has to make a big choice, and it certainly has to be about choosing a side. But whichever side he would choose, there will be blood and dead bodies lying all around.

The Transporter: Refueled never goes below a certain level, but the question still remains if this entry in the movie franchise was really needed. The audience had three movies already, and they have enjoyed it so much that they can’t really think about another person other than Jason Statham in this particular role. Ed Skrein does make a good Transporter, and we can be sure about that, but he is still no Jason Statham who has been exceptional in that particular role, and could successfully make people say that he is the one true Transporter. Ed Skrein with more hair than a Transporter has ever had, manages to be another good version, but just not as big as the original.

The action sequences remain the strength of this movie, but there was the need for more, considering the fact that this was going to be needing the power to match up to a franchise which relied on the name and performance of Jason Statham. This one also has action, but could have used even more, mostly related to the Transporter job progress. Beyond being the Transporter, this movie has more action sequences, and Ed Skrein nails them very well. There is actually a lot less number of scenes with our protagonist doing the Transporter job, as he is at most times being the son to his father and otherwise helping the damsels in distress or causing distress to some very evil men.

The damsels turning femme fatale are good here, but other than Loan Chabanol, the rest just goes along without adding too much. Tatiana Pajkovic does have the second position in the same, even though it is mostly about Loan Chabanol playing Anna and also developing certain interest with the protagonist. The shots of Europe are very nice, and do inspire one to travel yet again. Noémie Lenoir who plays the lady villain has only a few things to do, and none of them really makes much of an impact. Actually, the fact remains that none of the villains leave that much of a mark in this movie, centered on the protagonist and the ladies.

The focus never really goes anywhere else except for moving towards the protagonist’s father. Ray Stevenson as Frank Martin Sr. has some nice lines here adding to the fun, but most of the times, this one is a strange character. There are times when one has to wonder if he actually exists mainly to get kidnapped multiple times and make the protagonist keep returning to save the father who might be his only real friend. It makes one feel that this was more like a test dose of Transporter which just comes before the possible sequels. Ed Skrein himself might have been a test, and the one who was there for one season in Game of Thrones can have a longer and better run as the Transporter depending on how this one turns out to be.

Once again the battle between the good and evil, the black and white goes on here, and Transporter becomes the key. He is the difference maker in this world inside the cinematic universe which is otherwise more favourable to the wrong side. The story-line is there without trying too much, as this is another case of having a chance at revenge against the powerful evil. It is still well presented and used in such a way as to keep the audience interested. The Transporter: Refueled is a short movie which stands just above one and half hours, and that makes sure that the movie never gets boring. Something always keeps happening as the movie goes on with its action and thrills.

Rating: 3.5/5

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