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“The journey was a bit easier due to my exposure in the glamour world as a scribe” – Nishant Bhuse

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Nishant Bhuse is joining the long list of journalists turned filmmakers. Nishant, who has been an investigative journalist, reported on the 7/11 blasts with rare emotion for a popular Mumbai tabloid, and is now making a Marathi film titled ‘Baba Retired Zaale’. In this short interview, he talks about the interest in regional filmmaking and the choice of themes for his projects.

Do you enjoy being more of a journalist or a filmmaker?
Journalism is something I have been wholeheartedly doing from the past 16 odd years, it happens to be my bread and butter. Filmmaking was a dream which I intend to pursue with ‘Baba Retired Zaale’. Hence I am passionate about both journalism and filmmaking, they are two different mediums to be handled by strongheaded people.

After contributing to investigative journalism for India, now trying a hand in regional filmmaking, is Bollywood the next step for you?
It is too early to predict about Bollywood. I primarily want to concentrate on regional cinema.

How does a filmmaker choose the subjects and themes for his/her movies?
I am noone to guide someone about filmmaking but yes for me, it was the tragic 7/11 Mumbai Railway Blast in 2006 which I closely covered as a crime beat journalist for Mid Day. The human interest stories are the ones which enticed me to pen down this script. I believe a subject which is close to your heart makes one put his 100 percent in it.

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