“The day of Guru-Puja or worship of one’s preceptor is a day of pure joy to the sincere aspirant” – Mahika Sharma


Actress Mahika Sharma has also won Miss Teen North East talks about the significance of Guru Purnima. She has marked to adopt her ‘durgabadi’ where poor girls are being given a better life with knowledge of living. Mahika Sharma has been always seen working for kids and female.

Mahika Sharma shares, “The deep significance of this great day. Ashada Purnima heralds the Chaturmasa, or the setting in of the eagerly awaited rains. The water, drawn up and stored as clouds in the hot summer, now manifests in plentiful showers that usher in the advent of fresh life everywhere. Even so do you all begin seriously to put into actual working all the theory and philosophy that you have stored up in you through patient study. Commence practical spiritual Sadhana right from this day. Generate fresh waves of spirituality. Let all that you have read, heard, seen and learnt become, through Sadhana, transformed into a continuous outpouring of universal love, ceaseless loving service and continuous prayer and worship of the Lord seated in all beings.”

Mahika is educated from Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Tinsukia and she remembers one of her Gurus. She shares, “I still remember how the day was celebrated in our school. One of my teachers namely, Neeldeep Chakraborty Sir used to tell us as the day of Guru-Puja or worship of one’s preceptor this is a day of pure joy to the sincere aspirant. Thrilled by the expectation of offering his reverent homage to the beloved Guru, aspirant awaits this occasion with eagerness and devotion. It is the Guru alone that breaks the binding cords of attachment and releases the aspirant from the trammels of earthly existence. Guru is Brahman or Isvara Himself. He guides and inspires you from the innermost core of your being. He is everywhere.”

Mahika wishes everyone should be blessed this Guru Purnima.


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