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Tanuj Virwani reveals interesting details about Inside Edge Season 2

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If the second season of ‘Inside Edge’ is coming across as something which boasts of a wide canvas and a solid cinematic appeal, it is with a reason. After all, the first season had emerged as a tent-pole affair for Excel Entertainment when it was premiered in 2017 and hence it was quite apparent that the second season had to be bigger and better. Even though it has taken quite some time for the makers to unleash the second season on the digital medium, it is turning out to be a worthy enough affair, what with the scale, size and setting going upwards.

“See, the intention for everyone attached to the show was to make it bigger and better with a lot more entertainment. It has been two and a half years since the first season and many people used to ask me that what was taking it so long. The thing is that just like the first season, we were shooting the second season too as a movie and not like just a show,” says Tanuj, who is continuing from where he left in the first season as hot blooded and flamboyant cricketer Vayu Raghavan.

Considering the fact that ‘Inside Edge’ is about cricket, there was quite some outdoor shooting involved.

“Yes, we shot in real cricket stadiums and not in front of some green screen. All that you see out there is real,” says Tanuj, “If a ball is being hit for a six, it is real. If a ball hits the helmet with full force, it is again real. Even if that required retakes to get the perfect shot, we did that. The idea was to get it all perfectly right.”

He goes on to reveal more details.

“It was not an easy proposition after all,” he continues, “For this season, we have a script that runs over 400 pages. When we shot it all, it was like making three films. While the canvas and grandeur is definitely there, I can assure everyone that they are going to get their money’s worth. We have not tried to rehash what has already been shown in the first season. The writers have been far more creative as they have added nice angles to the story.”

Guess the effort is paying off after all.

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