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Tanuj Virwani opens up on winning accolades for Inside Edge 3 and Illegal 2

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The man of all seasons, This could well be the phrase coined for Tanuj Virwani. After all, he is the only leading man to have been seen in as many as six web series this calendar year, a feat that remains unparalleled across the industry. If he is already winning accolades for his back to back releases ‘Inside Edge 3’ (2021) and ‘Illegal 2’ (2021), he has been keeping engaged right through the year, what with ‘The Tattoo Murders’ (2021), ‘Murder Meri Jaan!’ (2021), ‘Tandoor’ (2021) and ‘Cartel’ (2021) ensuring that he is seen on screen at regular intervals.

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Considering the fact that he was one of the first actors to get going with the world of OTT back in time with the first season of Inside Edge, clearly the move has paid off.

“Yes, I won’t deny that,” says Tanuj, “My timing to work on web series and subsequently the rise of the medium has helped me indeed. Fortunately I realised it earlier on that this was going to be the future of some wonderful content to be generated.”

He equates the advent of different kind of channels to the world of multiplexes and single screens.

“There are so many different streaming platforms that are coming in and they are on the same lines as the single screens and multiplexes. For example, Amazon Prime, Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar are like multiplexes of OTT whereas the likes of ALT Balaji and ZEE5 are akin to the single screens. This works for me as it allows appreciation in A, B and C centers.”

No wonder, he is happy switching platforms on regular intervals with his various web series arriving across board, case in point being Amazon Prime (Inside Edge 3), Voot (Illegal 2), Disney+ Hotstar (The Tattoo Murders, Murder Meri Jaan), Ullu (Tandoor) and ALT Balaji (Cartel).

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“Yes, I want to be there on all platforms. So for every Amazon Prime show, I will also do a ZEE5 show,” says Tanuj, “I can’t boast that just about every good project falls in my plate. However I make do with the best of various choices that come my way. Ultimately, some of these are investments for the future.”

Well, with ‘Illegal 2’ already set for the third season and featuring Tanuj in a suave avtar, and recent release ‘Inside Edge 3’ setting up the stage for the fourth season as well, Tanuj Virwani can well hear up for an ultra busy 2022 as well.

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