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    Twinjabi duo stuns the audiences with their live performance on VH1

    Twinjabi duo is constantly pushing boundaries of the global music industry with their refreshing music. World’s best twin singers , the Twinjabi duo just got closer to global domination with their live performance on VH1. The twin brothers keep on creating ripples with their exceptionally unique music, their recent music video for “Desi Dons” has […] More

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    Twinjabi launches the music video of their hit number Desi Dons

    The Twinjabi duo has been creating global headlines ever since their debut album launched. This time it’s for the music video of their super hit number “Desi Dons”. The audio song was launched later in 2020 which garnered rave reviews. Witnessing the success of the song, and on seeing the rave response that the track […] More