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    Ki & Ka’s strength lies in its realistic portrayal, even on the sets

    ‘A love story about a married couple which has a large part of the narrative set inside the four walls of a house’ Now this could well be an antithesis of sorts when compared to conventional love stories for the big screen that don’t really need an excuse to head for those snow peaked mountains […] More

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    Balki’s Ki and Ka brings some logical scenes for couples

    In a week from now, ‘Ki & Ka’ would be hitting the screens. While all seems hunky dory for now, what with the duo dancing to the tune of ‘High Heels’ and also exchanging some banter as the couple on screen, one wonders if Balki has kept the entire narrative of the film fun and […] More

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    50 films for Kareena, 6 for Arjun, and together they are Ki & Ka

    In a career spanning 16 years, ever since she made her debut with ‘Refugee’, Kareena Kapoor Khan has done close to 50 films as the leading lady. On the other hand Arjun Kapoor, who started his career with ‘Ishaqzaade’ just four years back in 2012, has done only six films as the male lead. With […] More