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    12 “O” Clock Movie Review

    Ram Gopal Varma, at one point, was known for realistic gritty fares and horror flicks. Sadly, as time passed, the quality of his films started deteriorating. Yet, he continues to make films at regular intervals. ’12 “O” Clock’, is directed by him and is a horror fest. It stars some talented names but sadly and […] More

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    Bollywood Talk – Ram Gopal Varma’s horror film to try its luck at the box office

    The year 2021 has started on an unexciting note. Till now, no big Bollywood film has been scheduled for release. The smaller films continue to release, that too, not every week but after long intervals. Last Friday, that is January 1, Seema Pahwa’s directorial debut ‘Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi’ released in cinemas. As expected, the film […] More