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    Half Girlfriend Music Review

    Ever since he started out with ‘Zeher’, Mohit Suri’s films are known to carry popular music. Regardless of the fate of the film, a couple of songs from each of his films manage to strike a chord with the listeners. ‘Ek Villain’, the film which Suri and Ekta Kapoor’s Balaji Films had collaborated on, had […] More

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    Saansein – Yet another musical, romantic-horror franchise in the making?

    ::cck::1656::/cck:: ::fulltext:: Horror in India is still at an amateur level as compared to its Western counterparts. However, films like ‘Raaz’ franchise have set a new benchmark being the first musical, romance-horror flick. And now the upcoming film ‘Saansein – The Last Breath’ is also joining the bandwagon. We have seen quite a few horror […] More

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    I Music Review

    The music release of the original Tamil soundtrack I, was in news as the occasion was graced by the presence of Hollywood superstar Arnold Schwarzenegger. There has been a substantial gap between the release of the original Tamil soundtrack and the Hindi version. A.R Rahman and director Shankar had last collaborated on Robot (Enthiran in […] More