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    Ant-Man Movie Review

    When we consider the superhero movies, Marvel is a name which has proved to be the most trustworthy one in the last few years. All the movies from Marvel Studios have kept a certain standard. Even though ‘Ant-Man’ is a name which is rather unheard among the common audience outside the English-speaking world, the superhero […] More

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    Will The Avengers be appearing in Marvel’s Ant-Man?

    ::cck::858::/cck:: ::fulltext:: After ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’, ‘Ant-Man’ hits the theatres on July 24, 2015 and buzz is that Falcon and some members of the Avengers might be making a special appearance in the film! Speculations have emerged Anthony Mackie’s Falcon character and some of the Avengers will be making an appearance in ‘Ant-Man’. The […] More