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Soundarya Rajinikanth and Sunny Pakola announce India’s first voiced-based social media platform

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Director-producer Soundarya Rajinikanth VSV along with technocrat and serial entrepreneur Sunny Pokala, today announced the launch of their new venture ’Hoote’, the first voice-based social networking platform to be launched out of India, for the world. ‘Hoote’ will be made available in 15 native Indian languages and 10 international languages. Being multilingual, it allows anyone who wants to be heard, to express themselves through their unique voice in the language of their choice. To use the ‘Hoote’ application, one has to do is simply record an audio message for upto 60 seconds and share it with the world. A unique feature in ‘Hoote’ that allows users to further enhance their messages to a whole new cinematic experience is the option to select and add a BGM from our custom library. This platform also assists in capturing the visual nuances of a voice message by providing the users an option to add an image of their choosing.

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Soundarya Rajinikanth VSV, co-founder of ‘Hoote’, says that as someone who comes from a creative arts background and has grown up listening to some of the most powerful and meaningful voices on and off-screen, believes that voice is one of the most empowering and authentic ways to communicate and express one’s views and opinions. She goes on to say that the idea came to her when her father began delivering critical communications by audio rather than text, and she saw what a difference it made to get the exact message he wanted to communicate. She believes that ‘Hoote’ can be used as a platform to broadcast and link the world’s most renowned voices, and also the voices of the common people both on important issues as well as to create powerful human relationships.

Sunny Pokala, co-founder of ‘Hoote’ has extensive experience in developing novel technology products catering to millions of users. Notable products include ‘Kavalan’, a mobile citizen safety application in India and ‘Securra’, which is a disruptive healthcare platform in New York. His vast experience and successful track record has helped develop Hoote into a robust platform of international standards.

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Further describing the platform’s importance, Sunny Pokala elaborates on the relevance of the platform and feels that the pandemic in the last year has only brought to the forefront the compulsion to stay socially connected, not only amongst close circles but globally and the resultant screen fatigue in trying to do so. He believes that ‘Hoote’ will not only help address this fatigue by making it easier for users to express themselves but will also become the preferred medium for celebrities, eminent professionals and common people, to make their voices heard and express their views and opinions due to its advanced privacy, security features and its ability to cut across the language barriers.

‘Hoote’ is a cloud-native, mobile-first, vernacular platform that offers an authentic social media experience enabled by cutting-edge cloud technologies to allow people all around the world to use their voices and interact with others. ‘Hoote’ hopes to build a genuine social community where users are encouraged to be themselves without the fear of being judged.

While ‘Hoote’ takes advantage of the growing use of voice-based and audio technologies in digital and social platforms throughout the world, it will be the first multilingual audio platform enabled by Al. With more and more people turning to voice as a medium for communication, voice will become the way people connect again.

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