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Singer Sakshi Chopra capturing millions of hearts at a very young age

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Sakshi Chopra is a name that stands out for itself despite being from a prestigious family. The singer cum actress is not only known for her beautiful voice, but also for her risqué fashion choices that she carries out confidently. With more than half a million followers on social media, Sakshi woos her fans everyday in a new design. “Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it. For me, it shouldn’t be confined to any norms but be explored widely. Which is why my style is all about trying new things”, the 20-year-old singer says.

At the age of 18, Chopra acquired an 8-year degree in western vocals from the prestigious Trinity College Of London, after which she dived into building up her singing career. Though choosy when it comes to the table, the beauty who has been musically trained since the age of 10, has had many offers lined up for her in India and the US. She says, “I choose collaborations very carefully. No matter how big the offer is, I would never promote something I didn’t believe in myself.”

Some claim her fame comes from the silver spoon that she was born with, but few know that she had to establish her career from the ground as she chose a path different from the rest of her family.

“My family isn’t involved in the world of western music, I’ve taken a whole different path and couldn’t imagine it any other way.” Sakshi says as she preps for her debut single.

The gorgeous singe, who always trends on social media with her every post has been gaining praise for her content. Some may find it bold, but truthfully it reflects a woman who’s confident, loves her body and shares this love with the people who admire her. Sakshi doesn’t care much about negativity and focuses on the next big move, always keeping her followers on their feet!

Sakshi Chopra inspires all to dream big, be fearless and live freely. With a goal set to launch her first single for fans this year, the brilliant star promises an eventful time ahead.

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