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Shrikant Tuli and Tushar Shah collaborate on their third song Ek Raah

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Launched in December, 2020 with Madhurima Tuli and Vishal Aditya Singh’s song “Khwabeeda”, Shrikant Tuli’s production house, SVMT Music has released many commercially successful songs and artists.

In March 2021, Tushar Shah, Founder/CEO of Creative Khayal joined hands with SVMT Music to explore new horizons to their new launches together. Since then both the companies have produced two successful hits and gear up for their third one “Ek Raah”. Their association for the song is a perfect amalgamation of entertainment along with a good storytelling.

Shrikant Tuli, Founder/ CEO of SVMT Music says, “SVMT Music is all about youth, passion and love for the visual medium. We will focus on bringing together all kinds of talent and making something unique, exciting and entertaining. We are happy to be associated with Tushar Shah and his company for “Ek Raah”. It is really hard to find a person like Mr. Tushar Shah in the entertainment industry. He is a man of honour and commitments with a lot of experience in the business. I am a very creative and a passionate person, it is very easy for me to get carried away, he has been a constant support and guiding me on the financial decisions and each project”.

Tushar Shah, Founder/ CEO of Creative Khayal says, “Music is the language of love, it is language of expression, beyond borders, language, religion and every emotions. This love for music and creating meaningful content and converting beautiful thoughts into reality is the reason that gave birth to Creative Khayal. Shrikant, as I know him, is a very hardworking and passionate person with talent for creativity and entertainment. I have seen him working hard and I trust his passion and skills. Since my first project with him and Dr. Hina Mistry our creative producer. I had decided to be associated with both of them for a long time and to produce more good content in the future. Each song has it’s unique feel and flavour and emotes different passion. After “Shiva” and “Chalo” we are ready to unleash our third song “Ek Raah” in the month of August which is a very unique kind of song, that’s a first in India in terms of shooting of a music video. Yes it’s dark trippy, trance and you are going to fall in love with it”.

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