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Shah Rukh Khan to appear in David Letterman’s Netflix Chat Show!

Shah Rukh Khan might be having a tough time at the box office with his last few ventures, but he has surely not lost any bit of his stardom. Afterall, what hasn’t been earned overnight can’t be snatched overnight either.

The failure of ‘Zero’ has hurt him deeply but what has happened has happened and cannot be changed right? The failure of ‘Fan’, ‘Raees’ and ‘Zero’ has got SRK (Shah Rukh Khan) to get his thinking shoes on. Perhaps this is the reason why he has put aside all speculations of a new film announcement and has chosen a hiatus.

Despite this, discussions are pretty strong about the fact that Shah Rukh Khan’s next movie could well be with Madhur Bhandarkar in ‘Inspector Ghalib’. There’s been a narration that has taken place but nothing is confirmed either from Madhur’s side nor from Shah Rukh’s.

This is henceforth the ideal time for Shah Rukh to take time out for himself, rejuvenate himself and then begin again. And also maybe attend a chat show in New York as a part of this process?

Well not any ordinary chat show though. This is none other than David Letterman’s famous chat show on Netflix titled ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.’

Shah Rukh Khan will reportedly shoot for the show with a live audience in New York. With this Shah Rukh Khan becomes the first Indian celebrity to attend this chat show which boasts of guests as big as Barack Obama, George Clooney and many more.

Giving an indirect hint on the same, Shah Rukh Khan recently tweeted the following:

We surely cannot wait to see the New York live audience’s fanfare for the undisputed ‘King of Romance’ and we surely are looking forward to this amazing and one of a kind episode.

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