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Shah Rukh Khan launches his Meer Foundation on the occasion of Father’s Day!

Shah Rukh Khan is often regarded as the quintessential example of a ‘self-made man’. The actor has worked hard all his life to become the ‘Baadshah’ of Bollywood (King of Bollywood) in the true sense of the term.

But life hasn’t been all hunky dory for the actor since ever. In his initial years of childhood, he had a very poor and humble background. Khan unfortunately lost his parents at a very early age but that only made him stronger. And since then, he never looked back. He looked forward to pursuing his dream to become an actor and henceforth set off to Mumbai to eventually become what he is today.

Shah Rukh Khan is known to be a ‘charmer’ among women while simultaneously known as someone who is extremely sensitive and compassionate to the welfare interests of women. He has always been doing his bit of charity and undertaking welfare programmes for women which eventually helped him earn the ‘UNESCO Award’ as well.

But today he has done something which his late father will be very proud of. On the occasion of ‘Father’s Day’, Shah Rukh Khan launched his own foundation which will work for the welfare and development of women. Shah Rukh named the foundation after his late father, Meer and henceforth picked Father’s Day as the occasion to launch this foundation.

He recently Shah Rukh Khan tweeted.  

Here’s hoping the foundation will add as another feather on Shah Rukh Khan’s cap which already boasts of many great, noble and humble deeds.

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