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Setters is not an ordinary crime thriller coming from Bollywood

Setters releases this Friday and the film is being pitched as a crime thriller. In the times when thrillers are primarily equated with grand locations, breathtaking action sequences and unbelievable twists and turns, ‘Setters’ takes a route of its own.

“Quintessential thrillers coming from Bollywood are largely escapist in nature and are larger than life cinema which are primarily meant for popcorn entertainment. Nothing wrong with them as long as they engaging and exciting. However, Setters is set in a different world. It is realistic, gritty and an edge of the seat affair while also based on true events. The characters as well as incidents have quite a few reference points from real life,” our source informs.

No wonder, what one gets to see are real locations, characters who are true to life, incidents that bear resonance with newspaper headlines and story progression that makes one believe what’s actually happening on screens.

“These were exactly the reasons why Aftab Shivdasani as well as Shreyas Talpade were quite glad to come on board for the film,” a common associate comments, “They have been a part of many comedies and many of these have been successful too. However, when something like ‘Setters’ came their way, they knew they had to be a part of it for the sheer reason that the script promised entertainment with some real life incidents peppering up the narrative.”

For director Ashwini Chaudhary, it was a research period of over two years that led to the commencement of ‘Setters’.

“Ashwini understands the whole politics behind the education system in the country. He is quite connected with the grass root and knows what happens behind the scenes. Education authorities, cops, mafia, technical experts – you name it and in some or the other way they are all involved in making some undeserving candidates clear the examinations while the right ones end up languishing in disappointment. He wanted to tell this story, with intent to expose and also entertain,” the source continues.

This is pretty much apparent in the promo of the film as well which has been playing for a while now and has made many sit up and notice. As for the film as a whole, we would now how it turns out to be once it releases all over this Friday.

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