Seema Biswas starrer Holding Back is one of the most sensitive short movies


‘Holding Back’ is based on a true incident in 1999 of a young man suffering from blood cancer, who unfortunately, passed away during the journey while travelling by train from Bangalore to Chennai, for a friend’s marriage.

A special screening was held on Saturday afternoon which was attended by well known film director Deepak Tijori, Tom Alter, Telly actors like Neelu Kohli, Rushad Rana, Sonam Lamba (Saathiya Saath Nibhana) and Tanvi Thakkar (Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon) amongst others.

Super sensitive award winning short film ‘Holding Back’ directed by Wilson Louis, director of horror film ‘Kaalo’ and next episode of ‘Dar Sab Ko Lagta Hai’, which was produced by Sheila Sandhu. This film stars Kunal Kumar, Kavita Kaushik, Seema Biswas (Mother), Anant Mahadevan (Father) and Aditiya Lakhia (coolie).

Director Wilson Louis said, “I am very happy that my labour of love has won Best Shorts Competition Award! At Shorts Competition Award! California. We have also been selected for London Film festival. This story about the last journey of a mother of a cancer paient is a true story.”

Telly actor actor Kunal Kumar notable as Ballu in ‘Guttur Gu’ says, “Although cancer is painful, the body dies but not the spirit which just take an other form. Though that does not mean I don’t discount the trauma, the paTient and his family go through. A friend of mine has been in coma for past 8 years, you can imagine the torture her family is going through.”

Telly actress Neelu Kohli who was loved for her charming smile in the event shared, “It was a very touching movie. I am thankful for the producer Sheila Sandhu for inviting me.”

Seema Biswas who could not attend but sent this message, “One of the main reasons I said yes was that I had lost a friend to cancer” and Anant Mahadevan playing the father in the movie shared, “I am in London hence can’t attend the event. I wish the entire team best of luck.”


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