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Rocketry: The Nambi Effect Movie Review

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Based on the life of ISRO scientist, Nambi Narayan, ‘Rocketry: The Nambi Effect’ throws light not just on his professional but also his personal life and of course talks about the false case of espionage foisted on him. R. Madhavan plays the role of the scientist and his look is unbelievably similar to Narayan. He deserves applause for his performance and for the fact that he didn’t try to commercialize the movie by adding unnecessary elements to it.

As a debut director, Madhavan has done quite a decent job. While the first half throws a lot of scientific elements at the audience that is not so relatable, the latter half is amazing. The dialogue lifts up in the second half in comparison to the first.

Karthik Kumar as a CBI official, Simran as Nambi’s wife and Suriya in a cameo appearance as an interviewer does a great job too.

The movie tells a story that deserves to be heard. It educates the masses about a great scientist who was wronged. The sequence of the movie is great and although it is relatable only in sections, the movie as a whole is a must-watch.

Sirsha Ray’s camerawork perfectly captures every moment and the period drama is presented in an extraordinary manner. The movie is an emotional roller coaster ride and extremely gripping.

Rocketry is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Videos.

 Rating:- 3.5/5

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