Riteish Deshmukh bats for Pakistan Cricket Captain Sarfaraz Ahmed!

Everybody realizes the fact in India, the game of cricket is no less than a religion. The game has been hugely popular in the country since its inception and has only increased in popularity with every passing year.

When it comes to cricket, the ‘ICC World Cup’, which happens once in four years is considered the biggest ‘festival’ for the game while the biggest rivalry between two rival nations whose cricketing contest grabs the most eyeballs are none other than India and Pakistan.

India Vs Pakistan cricket game is always a little more than just cricket. Well, atleast from the view point of the fans. Although the players are known to take it just as a game, fans create a hype which makes it a lot more than just a game and the reason behind it is the not so good bilateral ties between the two countries and their political scenarios.

Henceforth emotions sometimes get the better of the sensibilities of the fans and hence a loss in just another cricket match is treated as if they lost a ‘war’.

Although Pakistan has a better head to head record in ODI matches vs India, India has dominated them always in World Cup Encounters and the tale in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 was no different as India dominated Pakistan to achieve a thumping win against their opponents thereby making the head to head record 7-0 in favor of India.

The loss didn’t help Pakistan’s cause as soon after the loss, criticism started coming towards them from all corners of the city and especially against the Pakistan Team Captain, Sarfaraz Ahmed.

Although Sarfaraz has been subjected to a lot of trolls and criticism from the country, there was one such fan who went overboard and did something which is a matter of shame.

He shot a video where he shot Sarfaraz in the same frame and trolled him for his own publicity. He told Sarfaraz ‘Tum suar ke tarah mote kyun ho?’ (Why are you so fat like a pig Sarfaraz)

Winning or losing is a part of every sport and the sporting heroes shouldn’t be trolled. This humiliation for Sarfaraz wasn’t appreciated by our Bollywood star, Riteish Deshmukh who despite being an Indian fan showed humility to condemn the act against Sarfaraz in his tweet.

Well, whatever Riteish feels is exactly the right thing. Cricket is an intense game and even the greatest of captains have had the history of losing important and crucial matches. Henceforth, to harass a cricketer off the field in this way for his on field antics and that too when he is with his child is totally wrong and should be condemned.

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