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Remo D’Souza launches his dance academy in Mumbai

Photo Credit: Instagram

After helming the ‘ABCD-Any Body Can Dance’ (2013) film franchise, Remo D’Souza is now telling the world Anybody Can Dance, quite literally! The choreographer cum director has launched his dance academy ‘High on Dance’ and is set to open doors to global learners. ‘High On Dance’ is being helmed by his wife, Lizelle Remo D’souza and will have the academy franchises under its umbrella. The first franchise has been launched in Dubai as ‘Remo Dance Studio’ and ‘HOD’ is now all set to bring ‘RFDS’, its first franchise in Mumbai.

Talking about his new initiative, Remo says, “Starting a global dance academy was a long-standing dream and I am glad it’s finally coming true. There is no dearth of talented dancers in our country and the world. If a dancer gets the right kind of training, he or she can do wonders with their talent. With the franchises all across the globe, I want to tell people that as long as you have the will and the passion, ‘Anybody Can Dance’ and dance really well!”

Speaking about his collaborators, Remo states, “I am glad Avi Raj, Prem Raj Soni and Rohit Sharma have acquired the first franchise in Mumbai and ‘Remo Fusion Dance Studio’ is a passion project and our only aim behind starting it is to make more and more people fall in love with this beautiful craft called dance.”

Along with Avi Raj, Prem Raj Soni, Rohit Sharma, Sea-Connect Global, 21 Blessings and Prem Raj Pictures. Avi Raj is a feature film producer from Madrid in Spain and has a keen interest in backing the kind of stories that resonate with a global audience. At the moment, he is producing the Prem Raj Soni directed ‘Laila Manju’ which is being presented by Remo D’Souza and Lizelle D’Souza.

Director Prem Raj Soni, who has directed the Salman Khan starred ‘Main Aur Mrs Khanna’ (2009) and Preity Zinta starred ‘Ishkq In Paris’ (2013), is one of the creators of this dance academy. Talking about partnering with Remo, he says, “Remo is someone who always come up with fresh ideas pertaining to dance. Though there many dance academies around, the kind of learning individuals will have access to at ‘Remo Fusion Dance Studio’ will be unique and different from the courses at other institutions.”

Rohit Sharma, the other co-founder, is also someone whom Remo has known for some time. Rohit is a world citizen and a serial entrepreneur having business interests in India, UAE and UK. He brings years of experience into our business having been part of the Indian entertainment industry for over a decade.

The official website of ‘Remo Fusion Dance Studio’ has just been launched and in just a few hours, it has attracted huge traffic. Large number of people, across the globe, have been checking out the website and have already made up their mind to enrol in ‘Remo Fusion Dance Studio’ as soon as it launches.

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