Raees Trailer Review


Though alcohol is prohibited in some states of India, bootleggers find several ways to smuggle them into these places.  ‘Raees’ features Shah Rukh Khan in the role of a bootlegger who bends several laws to establish himself as a ‘businessman’ and a man feared by many.
In a career spanning two and a half decade, Khan has mostly been known for his romantic roles but the actor has also proved his mettle in true blue actioners or in roles that required him to carry grey shades. 
The trailer of ‘Raees’ gives us a glimpse of a film that seemed to be heavy on content while adhering to the template of the Hindi films of the 70s. A larger-than-life hero, clap-worthy dialogues, slick action sequences, romance, dance number and a dramatic background score, the trailer packs in so many things in less than three minutes that you crave to see the film in its final shape.
Rahul Dholakia started out with a romantic comedy called ‘Kehta Hai Dil Baar’ but after that, the director showed an inclination towards issue based, realistic cinema. Though the director is best known for ‘Parzania’, a fairly offbeat film, he seems to be in a mood to please the masses by giving that a film that is a throwback to the commercial potboilers films of the yore.
Having said that, the trailer does not seem dated at all and gives one an inkling of the film carrying a well-crafted story. A masala film with a solid story – well that is a combination that works best with the Indian audience. 



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