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Pragya Kapoor creates awareness about plastic pollution on Instagram

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Pragya Kapoor is once again trying to create awareness among people about the ills of using disposable single-use plastic. She has called out for a massive beach clean-up at the Carter’s Road sea face in Mumbai. While she herself has been a major part of the clean-up drive, she is asking more and more people to come forward and help in this initiative.

Pragya Kapoor took to her Instagram to share pictures from the beach clean-up drive. She revealed some of the most common plastic items that are found on the beaches, which are destroying its natural beauty.

Pragya Kapoor posted the pictures with a heartfelt message. She wrote, “Be the change you want to see. Join us @cartercleanup to help create awareness abt the plastic pollution that’s choking the earth. This #plasticfreejuly try to avoid usage of disposable plastic. Know that even if you’re throwing it in the dustbin, it will most probably end up in the ocean or the landfills. It will NOT magically disappear from earth. By not buying products in plastic packaging you are forcing the corporates to change. The power lies with you! @ashwin_malwade @agwl_nupur @freishia @chaitsiahuja @zashank (sic).”

Pragya Kapoor has also tried to draw people’s attention to try out a plastic-free July. It shouldn’t be a tough thing for people to do, as it’s just one month. If people are able to not use plastic for a month, that would give them encouragement to completely stop the usage of plastic in the months to follow.

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