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Pop-star Tanya Singgh reveals why she chose to release ‘Yeh Kaisa Nasha Hai’ over her other song

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A child is always the parents’ biggest cheerleader, and the same goes for singer Tanya Singgh, who after ruling hearts and leaving an indelible mark in Indian pop culture during the early 2000s era, is all set to release her next single “Yeh Kaisa Nasha Hai” under the T-Series label. What’s interesting to know here is that while the singer initially planned to launch another track as her next single, it was her daughter Tishaa Kumar who encouraged her to pick “Yeh Kaisa Nasha Hai”, a swoony romantic track with an intriguing and soothing melody.

The track was a clear winner for Tishaa Kumar, who is always the first person to listen to Tanya’s songs and share her opinion. Tanya shared, “My daughter Tishaa pushed me to release this song, and though she’s very encouraging, she is also very straightforward and her critique is always on-point. And since she has a great ear for music, her advice and opinion make a difference. When I made her hear “Yeh Kaisa Nasha Hai”, she immediately loved it and wanted me to release this song first out of the three songs I made her hear. I could see that her reaction was genuine and she was so sure about this song that I had to go with it.”

Tishaa Kumar, daughter of Tanya, added, “When mom made me hear “Yeh Kaisa Nasha Hai”, as soon as the song started, I was sure that this is it, this is the song she needs to release next. So even though she planned to release another one of her songs, I pushed her to go ahead with this one and I’m glad she did. My friends too heard this song and thought it was one of her best songs we’ve heard because it has such a vibe that instantly makes you feel connected to it.”

Tanya Singgh’s latest song “Yeh Kaisa Nasha Hai” is produced by T-Series and will be out on T-Series’ YouTube Channel on February 6, 2023.

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