Pink shows the ingenuity of Amitabh Bachchan as an actor

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Whenever the Indian film industry will be debated, the greatest megastar of Indian Cinema, Amitabh Bachchan, will be the leading persona to be discussed. He was the biggest superstar and crowd puller in his heydays. He was the leading star of masses for two decades. Big B is not just a brand or image but there is a brilliant actor in him. He is a complete actor and had success in all kind of films in his career. He was mostly part of mainstream cinema in his first innings of his career. In his second inning, he has opened his leaf as an actor further. ‘Aankhen’, ‘Baghban’, ‘Viruddh’, ‘Sarkar’, ‘Black’, ‘Paa’, ‘Shamitabh’, ‘Aarakshan’, ‘Piku’ and now ‘Pink’ has raised the bar of acting for other actors. He continues to be part of mainstream cinema also.

Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury recently release ‘Pink’ deals with gender disparity and women molestation issues happening in India. The film is hard-hitting and awakens your mind. The story has been told in a gritty manner and the message has reached well – ‘No means No’. Why are women treated differently? Are we not interested to have equality between the two genders in our society? If men drinks, smokes and have sex, it is style and substance and when women do the same, she is considered a person of a loose character. Why double standards for men and women in our society? What is wrong for women should also be wrong for men? Each individual has a choice to live their life the way they want. Anything forced on a person is wrong. The women also have right to have their choices and take their own decisions.

Big B plays a lawyer in the film fighting for the girls. He has little screen presence in first half as the story foundation is laid with the leading women characters. But the second half belongs to him in this court room drama. The audience claps for each of his dialogue in the film, where he indirectly questions our feudal society on gender disparity. He prepares a women safety manual with his dialogues sarcastically questioning our society. In a few scenes where he is quiet but speaks volumes through his eyes, show the greatness of the 73-year-old actor. He has remained honest to his character and has made sure that his stardom doesn’t affect the storytelling. The subject has to make an impact on the audience and create the right reactions to help improve our society.

Generally speaking, we associate the word genius with scientists and mathematicians. But Amitabh Bachchan is one rare breed of actors who is a sheer genius when acting is concerned. Every young actor should take him as a role model to work hard on their acting performances. After delivering so many hits, he is still teaching us how to lead our life, through his acting. Contrary to many of his peers, he has adapted to the ideas of this new generation and technologies. This explains his active presence on social media and his personal blog. Apart from acting, he devotes time for himself and his hobbies. No doubt, he is collaborating with emerging young film makers in India and constantly re-inventing himself as an actor.

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