“One Night Stand is a mature drama” – Tanuj Virwani

How was your experience working with Sunny Leone?
It’s been wonderful, she is a thorough professional and despite being busy with so many other commitments she never brings baggage onto set. The role she is playing is unlike anything she’s done before and she definitely aced it.

Tell us about your film ‘One Night Stand’.
It’s a mature drama about how sometimes one small lapse or mistake can alter the lives of so many families and people permanently. I would love to speak more but we will do so closer to release.

How did you say yes to doing the film and tell us something about your role?
I was auditioned for the film and they got back to me saying they would like to have me on board. We sat down and discussed the various modalities and I was more than happy to be a part of it since the script and the setup appealed to me. I’m not at liberty as yet to speak about my role in the film.

What are your hobbies?
I am an avid collector of comic books movie props, statues, figures and I also love playing cricket and doing adventure sports.

We heard you’re passionate about cricket. Any plans on joining the celebrity cricket league?
Yes sure why not maybe in 2016 you might see me playing the CCL if they think I’m good enough to be in the team.

What are your other projects?
There are a couple of projects in the pipeline but I would rather like the producers make the announcement, which should be fairly soon.

What’s the equation you share with you mother?
Oh she’s is my best friend I know I can talk to her about anything under the sun. She’s a real pillar of strength.

Does she advise you on your career choices?
She gives me her opinion, she never imposes it and she says this is my journey, so the decisions must be mine, the successes and failures must be mine and mine alone.

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