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Nora Fatehi promises an international music video to one dance show contestant

Nora Fatehi has grabbed much love and attention for her stint as the judge on India’s Best Dancer, developing a strong bond with the contestants. Impressed with one of the young contestants of the show, Nora Fatehi has promised the girl, an international music video with her.

Rupsa, the young contestant on the show, floored Nora Fatehi with her dancing skills winning an offer to star in Nora Fatehi’s next international music video.

The young contestant was extremely delighted with the offer and being a huge fan of Nora, requested her to share the stage for a dance performance on the show. The duo performed on “Saki Saki”, winning immense cheering from the fellow contestants as well as the judges.

Known for her impeccable knowledge of dance, Nora Fatehi added to the value of the dance reality show, with her comments and feedback being eagerly awaited by one and all. The performer impressed the audience with her dance skills as well as flawless fluency in Hindi, turning emerging as one of the favourite judges of the show.

Now, as Nora is all set to appear on the show for her last episode, fans across are disappointed and are demanding to retain her on the show.

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