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“My only ambition in life is to surprise people with my work” – Harshvardhan Rane

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After being a part of a successful television show in Hindi and doing several films down South, Harshvardhan Rane is all set to make his debut in the Hindi film industry with ‘Sanam Teri Kasam’. Though the first Hindi film he shot for is still awaiting a release, he has his hopes pined on the Radhika Rao – Vinay Sapru directed film which has him paired with Mawra Hocane. In this interview he talks about seeking inspiration from Salman Khan and his father, priorities as an actor and his fan moment with Amitabh Bachchan.

Your character, Inder, seems to have many layers to it. In the trailer, one sees him battling with alcohol and moving around with a gun.
When I auditioned for this role, the lead actor had already been cast and they were two days away from the photo shoot. I thought I needed to show them my interpretation of the character as I had connected to it very strongly. I felt that Inder was a reflection of my father and me. They were not willing to let me audition for the film as they had already found the hero but finally, they gave in to my request. They were impressed with the audition and I got the role. Now, I feel the character is a mixture of Salman (Khan) Sir and my father’s personality. Salman Sir comes across as a tough person from the outside but when you get to know him, you realize there is a different side to him as a person. My father, too, had a tough physical person but he was a very warm and affable person. I have tried to imbibe these qualities from my father and Salman Sir and incorporate it in Inder.

You were supposed to make your Bollywood debut with ‘Satra Ko Shaadi Hai’, a film co-produced by UTV, Shoojit Sircar and John Abraham. When is it releasing?
I just read an interview of Shoojit Sircar Sir in which he said that the film will be releasing soon. I am really looking forward to this film as the entire team, including John (Abraham) Sir, was very excited about this film. I would be very happy if ‘Satra Ko Shaadi Hai’ comes out soon as the role I have played in that film is very different from the one I have portrayed in ‘Sanam Teri Kasam’.

You started out with television and then, did a couple of Telugu films. How did Bollywood happen?
I was in Hyderabad and got a call from a production house. I think I should give the credit to Rana as he had started working in Bollywood at a time when a lot of exchange was happening between Bollywood and Tollywood. Bollywood has been noticing Tollywood because of the work that actors like Nagarjuna Sir, Chiranjeevi Sir have done and now, Rana is doing. I think I am lucky that I got a call from John Abraham Sir’s office and got my first film.

Many film personalities shared the trailer on Twitter. What is the kind of reaction that is coming your way?
My only ambition in life is to surprise people with my work. I love it when people expect good work from me. I feel fortunate to have got the opportunity to play different kind of roles right from the beginning of my career. With Sanam Teri Kasam, I have tried a different look and my role is quite different from the ones I have played earlier. Usually, people cast you in similar roles. They have an image of you and they do not offer you anything new. I am thankful to my directors for visualising me as this serious, brooding guy who is silently romantic.

What next?
I am not from a film family. There are never 20 or 30 projects waiting for me (laughs). I always work on one project at a time. I am not burdened with EMIs and I am not trying to impress anyone in the social circuit. I just want to do good work and get better with each film.

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