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MX Player’s Campus Diaries can surely make you recall your college memories

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A coming of age story that has taken the nation by storm, MX Player Original series ‘Campus Diaries’ is the newest youth drama that is a welcome addition to audience favourites like ‘FLAMES’ (2018), ‘Engineering Girls’ (2018), ‘Kota Factory’ (2019), ‘Mismatched’ (2020) and ‘Panchayat’ (2020) amongst others. The days spent on campus, in the classrooms hold a sense of nostalgia for many and these Indian web series aptly help reminisce the days we left behind, or if you’re studying right now, get a dose of relatability.

But ‘Iss Campus Ki Story Hai Kuch Alag Wali’ (this campus’ story is something different) as it brings to life the journey of five friends studying in Excel University and learn how to navigate the conflicts of campus life, the bittersweet highs and lows of college relationships and the various misadventures that they go on together, which ultimately plays a large part in shaping their lives. It goes beyond the routine ‘masti’ (fun) and ‘dosti’ (friendship) plots that quintessential youth dramas portray and tackles relevant yet lesser discussed issues like ragging, discrimination based on societal bias’s, one sided love stories, rampant drug abuse and toxic relationships that mould your personality and ready you to face the real world.

Here’s a list of five college buddies you might recognize and instantly connect with from the show.

The Nerdy One

That studious one in every group who knows all the answers and does all the assignments in time. Sanya, played by Srishti Ganguli Rindani fits in perfectly as the girl next door with nerdy specs. For all academic-related matters in the group, she is the go-to person. Such friends usually help you complete your notes and help you prepare for exams. Sanya‘s progression from a beginner in ‘An Introduction to Love 101’ to intermediate and finally advanced is simply heartwarming to watch.

The Social Butterfly

We all know that one friend who knows everyone. In the series, Sudheer played by Harsh Beniwal is that guy who knows everyone right from the watchmen to the dean. He is not particularly good in academics, but he is great at organizing things, getting people to work for him and is street-smart. He is that friend we all had in college, who was never sure about what he wanted in life but was not afraid to take a leap of faith. Occasionally, it lends relief to the group, but mostly it gets them into trouble.

The Badass One

The person you just can’t dare to mess with. ‘Campus Diaries’ Sushmita, played by Salonie Patel perfectly fits into this category. She drinks unabashedly, colours her hair bright, has a tattoo and is way too influenced by pop culture, but will never hesitate to go that extra mile for her friends.

The Serious One

Every group has a friend who takes things way too seriously and is afraid to let their hair down. In the show, Abhilash played by Ritvik Sahore is the one. He is also calm and kind-hearted, the reliable buddy who inevitably becomes a one-sided lover and doesn’t ever get to move past that.

The College Heartthrob

The Mr. Popular who is the heartthrob of the college, making ladies go weak in the knees and also ensuring the group is in the spotlight. In the show, Raghav portrayed by Abhinav Sharma is the one who draws a lot of attention from within and outside the college because of his good-looks and charm. He is the darling of every girl on campus.

Watch ‘Campus Diaries’ all episodes exclusively on MX Player for free.

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