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Masaba Masaba Review

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There is nothing called a perfect balance between personal and professional life. They are both
interconnected and tangled in a way that one somehow affects the other. ‘Masaba Masaba’
might seem to be a happy-go-lucky romcom but it brings out the reality of life in a number of
ways. To start with, it shows how life can never be planned and things are always not the way
we want it to be.

Featuring Masaba Gupta and her mother Neena Gupta, the series brings out the amazing
chemistry of the mother daughter duo. Mothers are overprotective, caring and always tense
about the wellbeing of their kids. Neena Gupta is no different. She has a 30 year-old daughter
who is independent in every way, yet her mother instincts are always on.

Life isn’t a fairytale and at times it throws you down and things seem to be drastically wrong.
The series shows Masaba’s journey to bloom amidst harsh realities of life and emerging out as
a warrior princess.

Fashion game was high compared to the first season. Every outfit that was choses had its own
vibe and aesthetics that fit the mood. Masaba’s collection is just beautiful and can be worn in a

Issues of life such as ‘mid-life crisis’, ‘ageing’, ‘body-image’, ‘depression’ are real and they must
be dealt with. The series touches all these vulnerable points and shows us a way out and to
fight back. The series is high on realism and there’s nothing in the seven episode show that
doesn’t happen in our day to day lives.

Masaba Masaba is currently streaming on Netflix India.

Rating: 4/5

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